Why Choose 3DPlink?

3DPlink is your reliable partner in 3D printing manufacturing, from 3D print prototype to 3D print manufacturing, we are a Stratasys 3D print service and can help short and long-run production and prototype parts from engineering plastics. Let us help to find a solution for your product.

3DPlink is the only one Stratasys platinum partner in Asia, has been working with Stratasys over a 15 years, using the Stratasys system(FFF and Polyjet) to provide 3D printing service..

Top Technologies

With 50+ kinds of industrial standard additive manufacturing materials, professional post-processing and high-quality thermoplastics manufacturing.

  • ● Accuracy: 0.1-0.2mm.
  • ● Building size: 914*610*914mm.
  • ● 50+industrial-grade materials for 3D printing.
  • ● Design freedom and ideal for complex structure.
  • ● Accuracy: 0.1-0.2mm.
  • ● Building size: 500*400*200mm.
  • ● Multiple materials 3D printing.
  • ● Full color 3D printing.
  • ● 50+ sets of Stratasys industrial-level 3D printer to provide 3D printing services.
  • ● Large-scale parts, short and long-run production.
  • ● Industrial standard quality and ideal for final product.
With high heat resistance and excellent mechanical properties, UL94-V0 flame retardant, FST aerospace certificated. It is suitable for aerospace, rail traffic, and automatic applications,etc.
PEKK-based thermoplastic with excellent mechanical prope-rties. It is suitable for aircraft components in fuel jet system, oil system and hydraulic system. etc.
Nylon12CF with 35% carbon fiber, excellent in the flexural strength and toughness.
High-resolution full color print, supported by 500,000 colors, Widely used in product appearance design, figuriens and medical model, etc.
Shore 30-95A are available, it can print with hard and soft materials together. Ideal to make seal ring and overmould model.
With ISO 10993 USP Class VI certificate, can be gamma γ or EtO sterilized, perfectly suited for medical,pharmaceutical and food packaging.

Our Services

  • ● Strictly ensure data security.
  • ● Pure play service and confidentiality agreements can be signed.
  • ● Sanding, polishing, painting, and silk-screen printing, etc.
  • ● Surface sealing, stress relieve, threads insert/tapping connector.
  • ● The QC process will inspect model according to the design and requirements before delivery.
  • ● Inspection for overall appearance, size, color and etc.
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