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Post-processing Services

We are dedicated to providing professional 3D printing post-processing services to ensure the best results for your printed creations. Whether you are an individual user or a corporate client, we tailor solutions to meet your specific needs.

It is a great way to eliminate the layer lines on the model surface to be smooth, in preparation for painting.
Non-reflective surface, smooth and sandy eff-ect it can match with Pantone/RAL color code,very suitable for product display.
The glossy effect is shiny and lustrous on the surface can match with Pantone/ RAL color code, put your product best foot forward.
The 3D prints will be high glossy, shiny and ceramic like, very suitable for presentation model.
The surface of the model will show leather effect after painted, suitable for the models that need leather effect appearance.
It can match model surface with metal like,very suitable for the models that need to display metal effect.
The customer provides vector files, colors, and 1:1 logo position and make the screening serv-ice for your logo pattern, text, and symbols.
Applying the epoxy resin on the surface allows the model surface to be water&air tight, make your model can use in high-pressure gas and maritime product.
Threaded brass inserts can be a great way to added to 3D printed enclosures that require to accept screws.

Service Standard

Professional engineer with rigorous quality control measures.
Dimension, precision, and surface checking will require by QC department.
100% inspection before shipping.
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