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Case Studies
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3DPlink printing prototype assistance in Daikin Applied,See Why People Move to 3DPlink.
3DPlink printing prototype assistance in vehicle research and development process for BMW and FAW Hongqi.
ULTEM ™ 9085 resin is a thermoplastic that is strong, lightweight and flame retardant (UL 94-V0 rated).
3D printing manufacturing is a good option for small-batch or low-volume production in many aspects of the industry.
DEED 3D Works with Cirque du Soleil for the theatre project, 3d printed and do post-processing the large quantity parts in one month
Invisalign is leveraging Stratasys’ J750 full colour 3D printing system to create high-fidelity teeth models.
ULTEM 9085 is an FFF thermoplastic that is ideal for aerospace, transportation, automotive, military applications and other durable components for end use.
3D printing can really help the company to better complete product design and verification and improve work efficiency.
Various performance materials for your product development Lead time as fast as 1 day
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