3DPlink Company News

3DPlink is getting faster and better!

In September, 3DPlink Technology was completed to set up a new RP&AM in Guangzhou Operation Center. After them, 3DPlink Technology has continued to upgrade the original delivery center and increase the quantity of equipment.
First of all, we’re felt very deeply apologize for the delay in delivery for some of our customers during upgrade transformation and improvement of the site. 3DPlink’s development cannot be achieved without all of you. In order to provide you with higher quality and efficient service, we launched this time the upgrade and transformation and improvement.
1:High standard, large scale up the post-processing capabilities
In this upgrade, we strictly follow the 5S standards to transform the 3D printing post-processing center with fully enclosed. Based on BASF standards, we built a more environmentally friendly post-processing workshop for painting mixing, spraying, stoving with integrated. Expanded and optimized the layout of the post-processing center area, improved measurement and quality inspection optimized the emergency order full-data tracking and follow-up system, increased more technicians, lead into the suppliers for leading of new process, ensure the efficiency of post-processing delivery and greatly enhance the professionalism.
 2:Improve delivery efficiency for the large parts 
3DPlink expands the area of the equipment workshop in the delivery center, makes good use of volume. After transformation, the area is increased nearly 2 times for the equipment workshop, make sure to have enough space to increase the quantity of equipment and meet the growth of capacity. Recently, 3DPlink achieved the second increase the equipment capacity, which is the largest in 2020, adds more set of Stratasys F900, and Fortus 450mc and Multi-color printers, greatly improving the delivery of large parts high-end application materials and high-level functional materials. More efficiency!


With the expansion of production scale, also upgraded of the area of the engineer at this time, adding a database to collection and control center, which the real-time data is visualized during the printing process, and directly reach the production monitoring and the entire order cycle, To achieve our engineer can get accurate information of equipment, materials, timing and other related resources during printing at the first time. They can make quickly respond to on-site printing production, greatly improve the efficiency of the printing process, and ensure the delivery speed of the printing.
The transformation of 3DPlink has been officially completed and start using, 3DPlink will always be practiced-continuous improvement on the premise of ensuring high quality and efficiency for customers!