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Large-format 3D Printing Solution

With a higher requirement of industrial rapid development and effectiveness, research and development of products among the enterprises all walks of life, various digital manufacturing technologies adopted as a new way of industrial production, upgrading of industries from traditional way slow, laborious and costly. Especially for those large-scale size products from Automotive, Aerospace, Robotics, and communication technologies require high-quality, high-precision, and same properties material as a final product to improve the test.
3D printing is a popular technology now in the whole industry, from rapid prototype and 3D printing manufacturing for the final product, and the quality of 3D printer and material will be required as industrial production-grade.
 (Lego model,using Stratasys F900 PC-ABS material)

Using the Stratasys F900 machine, not only print large but also print many parts, with multiple materials such as Ultem9085, Ultem1010, PEKK/PEEK, Nylon12CF, and ASA, etc.
You can print a part by 914x610x914mm size part and production.

(Use F900, Ultem1010 material)
Print big-size products without a large amount of capital at the early stage and finish quickly with a testable material for the turnover time and improve the product development, get them to go to market fast.