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Stratasys 3D printing parts with UV-Stable property in autonomous truck.

In recent years, autonomous driving has become the focus of global R&D and a hot topic. We believe that autonomous driving is a trend of the development of the automotive industry in the future. Like the commercial development of autonomous vehicles can not only effectively solve problems such as traffic congestion and traffic accidents, but also relieve employment pressure and improve industry efficiency.

And autonomous driving is the fastest growing in the field of transport by trucks. A more and more automotive manufacturer is the focus and take part in the research & develop, TuSimple and Scania who as a global manufacturer of trucks is cooperating to develop autonomous truck. With the development of market technology and product upgrading, it’s necessary to use Additive Manufacturing to produce some parts, in order to make the short time of development. Like the warning light and bracket parts that need to use at outside, it requires long-time exposure to UV light. Most of 3D printing services can’t meet the material with properties of aging resistance, nondiscoloring and durable, but Deed3d can achieve it, which is a rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing of Stratasys can rapidly produce high-quality functional test prototypes, custom parts, low-volume production on demand. With over 50 latest Stratasys 3D printers, provides 20 types of high-performance thermoplastic material, such as Ultem9085/1010, Antero800/PEKK, Nylon12CF, ASA, and .etc.

To considering the customer’s requirement, final we adopt ASA material to print several sets of parts, to match with whole truck’s color, we do metal painting with alcohol resistance. After end-user receive the parts, they do a series of tests for exposure in UV, shock, bump, etc. The result is passed.
(A warning light and bracket parts 3D printed by ASA with post process, Image via Deed3D)

With superior aesthetics in consistently high-quality parts, provides UV stability, which is a great choice for the iterative design especially suited in production parts for outdoor commercial and infrastructure use ASA won’t degrade with prolonged outdoor use and is accurate, stable, and very durable.
Nowadays, the 3D printing is widely used in the Automobile industry, like a bumper, interior&exterior panel, dashboard, and etc., it requires high precision, large-size and special material (high strength, high-temperature resistance, UV-stable...). The CNC process or normal 3D printers are not able to do it. In such cases, the Stratasys Fortus 900mc is a good choice, with large-scale size of 914*610*914mm (if exceed this size, we could cut to print, then bond them),  high-performance material and the parts can do the functional test.